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Web Application:


Strata Dubai-Web Designing-in-DubaiA web application or web app is any program that runs in a web browser. It is created in a browser-supported programming language (such as the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS) and relies on a web browser to render.

Any project, regardless of the complexity and scope, requires the preparation. Pre-project preparation consists of several steps:

  • interviewing. Learning briefs and background information provided by the client;
  • preparation and presentation of the preliminary concept and our understanding of the project;
  • harmonization of requirements of project's functionality;
  • the final formation of the budget.

STRATA DUBAI need to change all the design layouts and functionally unique pages the way which will be friendly for a browser . Front-end programming consists of several steps:

  • imposition of static HTML pages, using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards;
  • programming of interface elements means its revival using the javascript programming language and the Front-end frameworks (like Jquery).

One of the largest and most critical steps is Back-end step. In other words, this is the programming of the site, which is "on the other side of the monitor."

  • content management system is installed and configured on the matched hosting platform;
  • impose models adapted to the control system, while all the pre-prepared and configured dynamic elements are integrated;
  • back-end of projects's functionality.


Web Designing & Development

  • HTML5
  • Css3

Web Design:


HTML Stands “Hyper Text Markup Language”

Here Hyper Text Means Text in High Level,Markup means Tagbased, Language Means Mediator Between user And System.

Every HTML Document Described By html tags Only

HTML Structure:

<link href="" rel="' type=" '=""> //This is External Link Of CSS //Internal Style Sheet Tag

In This tag We write all tags For designing a web page

HTML 5.0 is present version of html



CSS stands “Cascading Style Sheet”

CSS defines how HTML elements are to be displayed.

CSS is for apply layout on html tags.

Here 3 Ways to use css on html tags. there are:

  • External Style Sheet
  • Internal Style Sheet
  • Inline Style Sheet

Inline Style Sheet:

It Means Applying Styles On Html Tags By External File.

It is the best way to applying styles on html tags.


Internal Style Sheet::

It means Writing css In Between Head tag only.


Here write CSS



It is a Javascript library

The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website.



JavaScript is Clint side Language

It describe the behavior of web page.

It is use for validation purpose Also.