Strata Dubai is Dubai Based IT Company

Each company within PSR Technologies holding company, including STRATA DUBAI, lay the cornerstone of the quality services and products. In addition, each company is doing the job in own field, allowing it to accumulate and possess a unique expertise, and, actually, be more competitive in your nich to add customer's proven innovative technologies in the Emirates' IT sphere. This ranking allows each holding companies qualify the top positions, which is confirmed by the results of what has been done.


STRATA DUBAI officially launched its operations in May, 2004. The prerequisite for the formation of a single brand under the STRATA DUBAI name was a strong partnerships that have been established between the PSR Technologies, Magellan Ltd., Teletica Solutions, and a lot more of Western high technology companies. However, the implementation of an increasing number of large-scale IT projects by the company faces the challenge of providing quality comprehensive expertise in various aspects ranging from technology issues to project management. Accordingly, the need to streamline and consolidate the technological developments, techniques, intellectual resources, and other intangible assets of the companies in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of IT projects became more apparent. Nowadays, about 2000 employees works in our staff, about 200 of them are remote workers.


Here, the following ways of services, providing by STRATA DUBAI company:

  • IT consult;
  • -contracts and finances management;
  • -customer's individual management;
  • software development for the latest IT technological features;
  • informative/communication technology implantation;
  • operating with IT outsourcing services, Cloud services;
  • telecommunication services;
  • providing financial payment;
  • credit cards' production;
  • smart cards' production;
  • interactive TV services;
  • transportation of our products and delivery services.
  • large format printing Dubai by roots



Our Skills

Web Design

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Our mission & Vision

Strata Dubai-IT Company-in-Dubai

Our mission is to provide the high-qualified and affordable IT/telecom/financial services within UAE. Join the best strata in the Emirates. STRATA DUBAI.

To expand our business and technology leadership position.

To become an incredibly easy company to do business with through a culture of customer service.

To make a good product isn't enough for successful business nowadays. Let's be friends with our customers. And that's the key.