Strata Dubai's Rental Services


  • servers;
  • workstations;
  • data base services;
  • laptops;
  • desktops;
  • notebooks;
  • projectors.



Fast Performance

All the rental equipment has 24-72 hours term of delivery performance starting with the time of ordering. We have the delivery service employees on our own, which is  decreasing waiting time vastly. Order any of our items, branded or an unbranded equipment. Its always ready to be send.



Free Up Your Capital

That's why you sure return your finances into your business. it'll be more efficiently to rent, than to spend a large amount of money on depreciating equipment. Try to rent and you will see the difference. So, our renting service helps you to free up your capital, change its financial sources to the right direction, and  reduce your debt burden, in a case you have any.

Strata Dubai-Rental Solutions-in-Dubai
Strata Dubai-Rental Solutions-in-Dubai


It will become much easier to change your activity according to the current business dynamic while you're renting STRATA DUBAI's equipment. No overpayment, no additional fee. Contact us through a phone, or by email, if it's more convenient for you. Living in the fast changing world it's necessary to make a changeable scenarios,so this is the main key to minimize your spendings by renting highly expensive equipment rather than buy it.

Adoption of Technology

Technology has been changing really fast since 00's, as well as the world around us. And its only expected to move faster, no doubt. Living in those conditions, we must admit that technology's processing power, and its speed are becoming determinant factors in helping internal processes to become more efficient and fast. Under those conditions, technology's refreshing term has been shrinking. So, rent option makes technology adoption much easier and not so expensive compared to acquire option.


Simplify Your IT Operations

Rent options will sure make your forget ,all the complex services spendings. Now it will be provided by STRATA DUBAI on a monthly basis. Forget about copyright laws and digital discrimination, cause we provide only certified software and tested equipment. No more software history recording, daily police raids and backbreaking fees. When you are on a rental model, your single contract will cover all the above areas, including the main spendings. Our specialist help you to sign the right rental contract.


Access to the Best IT

Renting allows you to use the Best IT equipment based on your needs. We can offer you any IT equipment, whether it’s a new software you want to try out, or simply use it for a short period of time. Renting helps you fulfill that desire. Renting brings a whole range of technologies without you spending much time on it.