Strata Dubai's Biometrical Access Control System

Strata Dubai-Biometrical Access Control-in-Dubai

Talking about Biometric Access Control Terminals (BACT), we must say it has a built-in biometric reader, its own processor, and an internal memory containing information about users, modes of operation, and certain accumulated events. These Access Control System (ACS) terminals  can recognize people by their biometric information (fingerprints, faces, iris) and control actuators, for example, an electric locks, turnstiles, various drives and so on. The terminals have a network interface for connecting them to the control program for the exchange of data about users and events taking place at the site, as well as for the direct management of terminals, connecting to the access controller, as well as to a variety of readers and modules. Information collected from the access control terminals can also be used to maintain a work discipline between co-workers.


ACS and Time Attendance is a network, distribution system, distributing users' access rights, if necessary, in a scalable manner, open for integration with other manufacturers' equipment. At the points of passage set by the controller, connected to the control PC or server via TY331 type of interface or an Ethernet network. TY331 is organized with the help of following software converters:

  • GPRS-TY331;
  • LAN-TY331;
  • USB-TB331.

ACS has the following parameters:

  • up to 256 points resolution;
  • up to 5,000 users in the system's network;
  • support various identifiers, such as fingerprints, pin codes, EMC-format proximity cards , HID. It is also possible to connect readers of different identifiers from other manufacturers with each other and the ACS via remote controlling.

Main functions

Access control:

  •  fingerprints access;
  •  access is available only for authorized personal;
  •  locks, stocks, and turnstiles for additional safety;
  •  log in, log out functions;
  •  access is varied depending on the current time zone;
  •  CCTV;
  •  access modes: fingerprint or the card, the card and print, print on the map.