Strata Dubai's Data Centers

IT Infrastructure and DC Consolidation

STRATA DUBAI offers you a complete solution for data storage's organizing. The main elements of the data center are following features:

  • data processing system;
  • control system;
  • storage system and engineering systems.

Strata Dubai-Data Centers-in-DubaiThere are 3 types of data centers (DPC):

  • large structures with its own building and communication channels;
  • the average rental area of ​​a certain size for average center and its channels of communication;
  • small data centers are located in the server room at the company-user.

Designing a Data Center

STRATA DUBAI provides a full range of services, such as organization of data centers in Dubai, UAE, equipment's supply for the data center, the design of data centers (DPC), which implies the creation of latest engineering and information infrastructure, connecting to the reserve power, cooling and data center security. We take care of all the stages of the project, from the drafting of project documentation to the responsible SKS mounting data network systems engineering, electrical and computer networks, as well as further service and technical support.


Strata Dubai-Data Centers-in-Dubai

Our main service is to build data centers, correct and secure anorganization of data storage and processing system. Our extensive experience in working with storage systems from IBM (IBM System Storage and IBM X-System ), giving customers the observance of the highest global standards.

The organization of the information environment. IBM Blade-server we use to design data center's projects is not only quite efficient, but also reliable in a long-term use and functional support.

Strata Dubai-Data Centers-in-Dubai

This section is one of the main engineering subsystems. The stability of the main groups of equipment, such as servers, storage systems, and active network equipment largely depends on the quality of electricity and operating conditions of Data Center Power Center (DCPC) . Power failures in the data center can lead to the deprivation of important information and violation of safety-critical operations, so you need to get serious about building a power system.