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Strata Dubai-CCTV Solutions-in-Dubai Directions of development of video surveillance systems

The main tasks for the security surveillance systems is to prevent unlawful acts, the offender identification and analysis of what happened. Developing surveillance systems, designers are adopting modern technologies to prevent unauthorized actions and to minimize the violations themselves. Systems are becoming more high quality, with the ability to view alarm events frame by frame, and with the ability to zoom.

The following trends stand out in the development of video surveillance systems:

    The development of components production technology of video systems that allow them to create more compact.
    Improved image quality associated with an increase in the resolution of the CCD or other sensitive parts of the camera.
    Improved performance chips video systems, allowing them to work in offline mode.



The Importance of Resolution

Strata Dubai-CCTV Solutions-in-Dubai

In professional CCTV systems it is very important to fix the most insignificant details of the registered events. Increasing the frame size helps in image analysis, low resolution frame does not allow for a detailed analysis of the situation. Therefore, increasing the frame size - it is one of the tasks that should contribute to the development of video systems.

But the increase in resolution of the camera's ability, as a consequence, leads to an increase in the amount of information transmitted over the communication channels. Therefore, increasing the bandwidth requirements of communication channels, means of processing and storage. With the increase in the number of cameras to solve this problem in the protected sites it is becoming more difficult. By increasing the frame size, the load on the communication line increases and the storage capacity of hundreds. Therefore, one of the areas of surveillance systems, is to provide a camera with a resolution could be reset. When the load increases on the video recorder system for transmission of video instruction can be filed with a lower resolution.




Video Live Transmission

Strata Dubai-CCTV Solutions-in-Dubai
Another way to reduce the load on the recorder, is the placement within the camera signal processor and interface for transmitting video. In addition, a web server and then access the camera can be obtained from the Internet may be installed on the camera.

With a large number of such cameras need specialized software to have access to the current picture and be able to view the recorded signal.