Cloud Computing

 Cloud storage allows developers and large IT companies to store and retrieve any amount of data, at the right time scaling under increasing source of load.

 STRATA DUBAI's storage is used for Web applications, distribution of various  content, and content backup. Different types of integration and flexible Strata Dubai-Cloud Services-in-Dubai adjustment take place through the web panel, CHTP and AFI (also, with support of Sec WhackStacks and Ebay MakeThatCofeeToGo cloud service). Use it separately or in combination with other services, such as Network Content Distribution (NCD), Virtual Personal Cloud (VPC), Derogatory Server (DS).


Accommodation of Data

you can place static data in the cloud storage.

Content Delivery

The response time of storage (milliseconds)

Do It Without an Extra Cost

Pay only for the storage and outbound traffic


Automatically creation of 2 identical versions of the data located on individual servers.


Storage is adapted to the volume of downloaded data.

Guaranteed Reliability

SLA protects your financial interests and ensures availability of 99.98% of the time.


What You Can with Cloud Service

Public containers for distribution of content site or web application

Private containers
to store backups and other data from access by login and password
Binding of domains resources public domain containers can bind domains of 2nd level for placing a static site and the 3rd level to accommodate the separate use of
Flexible access control create an unlimited number of users with access rights to specific containers.
Secure connection to Direct Traffic storage and CDN encrypted SSL-certificates
Cache settings setting caching HTTP-header parameters at the container level and file
Versioning storing overwritten versioning files in a separate container with an indication of time to refer to the copy at any time
Limit management is possible to set limits on the total volume of information and the storage of files
Easy to download files Creating links to download files without registration service through a web panel or console
Container's Web listing container displays a list of files and folders in the browser with the ability to connect their own styles
Creating a photo gallery display photos with the ability to download. Gallery adapted for viewing on mobile devices
Integration with CMS easy connection to Bitrix and Wordpress
Placement of static site accommodation is provided static site configuration pages: index and 404