The Ideal Traits of a Luxury Yacht Charter

Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers, expensive hotels, and supercars. However, those who truly wish to experience the decadence of the emirate should take some time to sail its waters on a luxury yacht. Yacht charters in Dubai are surprisingly affordable and exist in abundance. Unfortunately, the high number of available yachts can be a pain in the neck, especially if you’ve never rented a yacht before. It can make separating the many not-so-great rental options from the truly luxurious models a challenge. This article aims to help you overcome that challenge. When renting from a luxury yacht charter Dubai, here are the most important features you would find in it.

Yacht Charter Dubai


If you want to know the measure of a yacht, simply take a look at its crew. Generally speaking, basic yacht charters do not come comprehensively staffed. In some cases, you may even have to specifically request a captain unless you’re willing to sail your yacht yourself. Luxury yacht charters, however, almost always come with a full crew, as well as wait staff and medical professionals. This affords passengers the opportunity to relax without having to worry about maintaining the vessel.


As mentioned above, Dubai’s luxury yacht charters tend to come staffed with waiters. You can also expect a team of cooks, as well as kitchen porters and servers. Together, this group will provide you and your guests with a comprehensive five-star dining experience. They will prepare and present you with some of the finest foods available, ranging from traditional UAE cuisine to the comforts of home. They will also cater to your dietary requirements, so don’t be afraid to request specific options in advance.

Swimming Pools

It isn’t always safe to swim in the waters of the UAE. Nor is it convenient for passengers to climb off and on their yacht every time they want to take a dip. For that reason, many luxury yacht charters in the country feature a swimming pool. This allows passengers to cool down in Dubai’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit heat without leaving the safety of the yacht. Some yachts even include a hot tub to complement their pool, effectively turning the vessel into a five-star hotel.

Spacious Cabins On Yachts

Spacious Cabins

Speaking of five-star hotels, a luxury yacht should feature a number of spacious cabins. The number should be in proportion to the yacht’s capacity. Regardless of the number of cabins on board, each should be large enough to comfortably house guests throughout their time at sea. Beds should be full-size, with all necessary accessories, while each cabin should offer wi-fi availability so guests can upload shots of their extravagant vacation to social media.


Generally speaking, those who are traveling on a luxury yacht charter have worked hard to get there. It’s very possible that they are still in the depths of their career and may have to leave for an emergency meeting at a moment’s notice. If one of your passengers suddenly has to leave for business while your yacht is adrift, the presence of a helipad will allow them to do so without forcing the yacht to return to shore.