Three Advantages of Wireless Conference Microphones

Conference microphones are used to convey the message in a conference. There are two types of microphones which can be used in conferences namely wired and wireless. The wired microphones are attached to the wire to transmit the information and the wireless microphones depend on Wi-Fi or IR technology. The microphones used can be USB or regular. If you do make use of a USB microphone, keep in mind that most of them are specifically designed to prevent any interference from GSM cell phones.

Conference Microphones

The type of microphone used can be determined by examining the direction of the action. The microphones can be narrowly or broadly directed. A narrowly directional microphone has a small perception zone and will only perceive the voice of one speaker. In the event that there is more than one speaker, the broadly directional microphone can be situated in the middle of a table to perceive all of the speakers.

Easy to Install

Wireless microphones can be moved around in a conference room in order for the speakers to move around easily. Although it should be noted that a minimum of two speakers per microphone is the best way to go. These wireless microphones are easy to use due to the fact that the speakers can re-organize the furniture in the room without assistance from a technician. It gives you all the advantages of a wired microphone without the potential of it becoming a tripping hazard.

Easy to Maneuver

The wireless microphone allows the speakers of the conference to start their conference without any assistance from an IT guy. In the event that the speakers need to move around while speaking at the conference, they can move the microphone with them. There is the option of a handheld microphone or a wearable microphone to choose from. If there are more than two speakers at the conference, the microphone can easily be moved between all of them without damaging the microphone. It should be noted that the sound will not be affected in any way while the microphone is being moved.

Conference Microphones in Dubai

Easy to Customize

The added benefit is that the wireless microphone system has the feature of being able to add more wireless microphones to its control system. This allows you to add as your needs change with regard to a different type of conferences. There is also a function that allows the user of the wireless microphone to mute a single microphone without muting the rest of the microphones connected.