Maximize your revenue with footfall counting solutions

Footfall counting systems DubaiThe basics of retail analytics is footfall counting. Footfall counting systems Dubai also plays a critical role to boost elevations of customer service – the more understanding you have about the way customers behave in your store, the more competent you will be to deliver the assistance that will convert into permanent customers.

Footfall counters are sensors that catch movement and merge with programming to help create a scope of measurements. Exact and repeatable footfall estimations can give key to business information that enables a store to compute certain essential measurements. It can be utilized to optimize how the store is spread out and to revamp staffing levels to enhance productivity. Footfall counting systems gives regular and hourly pattern distinguishing what numbers of customer coming into shopping mall by using video checking. Some shopping center may utilize this to investigate the activity and offer direction to tenure rental rates. Moreover, footfall counting system helps to evaluate the customer profiling in shopping center for how long they remain in a shopping center? Which zone they tend to remain longer? And how many of them are regular visitor?

Sales manager can use these details as the key performance indicator (KPI) to assess the performance in each store and turn into achievement. To calculate the number of people footfall counting system is used at entry way track the visitors of the store. Usually these devices infrared technology and it can be attached into ceiling of the building or exterior, facing downwards to keep record of people passing each line in a clear direction.

Benefits of Footfall counting systems Dubai:

  • Benefits of footfall counting systems DubaiFind out how many customers pass by the store, compared to the number of visitors
  • Track each customer and distinguish the time they are spending in the store.
  • Measure shopper flow at entrance, particular areas, and different store levels
  • Evaluate hot and cold spots in the store based on shopper flow
  • Monitor how many customers left the store without purchasing
  • Quantify how long your customers are spending in each area of your store
  • Supervise the performance of your store in real time on your personal control panel
  • Rank your stores performance based on visitors and sales data
  • Customers hate to wait – appraise the wait in line time and minimize it
  • Trim down your cost by integrating your existing people counters into our unique software

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